Frustrated with unwanted Emails? Have a look to Delete/Block Someone on Gmail.

Frustrated with unwanted Emails? Have a look to Delete/Block Someone on Gmail.

The Email is more powerful tool to make a direct connection with someone. And if you have email like Gmail then definitely you goanna be rock with this incredible mailing platform. You are wondered to see what plethora of features Gmail has, some of these are:

  • Send any type of file attachment
  • Excellent storage capacity
  • Apart from chatting you can perform video calling with this
  • You can set your automatic responder whenever you are out of station
  • Through this you can easily schedule your meetings

But what a tragedy is that, there is nothing more annoying and weird than unwanted mails. If you are getting too much unwanted mails it results, your inbox is quickly filled with spam messages, phishing attempts etc.

How to delete or block the unwanted mails

At that time user simply thinks that, marks them as a spam so that they never receive any kind of message. But this is not happen every time. Here you have to take a preventive measure so that you can delete or block the unwanted mails. Find below the steps which help you to get rid of this problem.

  • First open the browser and login in to your Gmail account.
  • After entering in your Gmail account, select that email id which you want to block or delete. But if your inbox is filled with enormous messages then type the name and search it.
  • Once you find that person’s mail click on that, now look right side of that mail here you find the icon which is something in triangle just click on that.
  • Once you click on it a list is appear with different options but you have to go with “Block”
  • And finally click Block to confirm.

After doing this, you are never going to receive any kind of suspicious mail from that person’s side. Now your blocking problem is solved. But incase in future if you want to unblock that email id so look here:

  • Then open your Gmail id and click on setting icon and after that click on setting button.
  • Here you have to click filter and block list link.
  • And click the unblock button

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