Steps for How Can I Fix AOL Mail Attachment Problems

Steps for How Can I Fix AOL Mail Attachment Problems

How can I Fix AOL Mail Attachment Problems?: Today’s digital world relies heavily on electronic modes of communication such as emails. Whenever we talk about AOL Mail, we got that nostalgic feeling because it is one of the earliest email services that are active today. There are millions of users worldwide who AOL over any other email account. Despite all the great features, one issue that users have to face with this email service every now and then is AOL Mail Attachment Problem. 

Those who are unable to send an Attachment to AOL or facing other problems AOL mail attachment should check this post carefully. Here, we are going to explain why AOL email attachment issues occur and how you can fix them with ease.  

What are the reasons behind AOL Email Attachment Issues?

AOL is a popular email service that involves a lot of technical factors to run properly. There are many technical factors that can result in Email attachment issues as well. It is very difficult for us to predict the exact reason that might be causing AOL mail to work inappropriately.  

  • Slow Internet Connection – In order to attach a file to your email, you must have a solid internet connection. Those who are using a weak internet might have to face various kinds of errors and issues.   
  • Incompatible browser – Those who want to use AOL mail in an uninterrupted manner must ensure that they are using a compatible browser. Thankfully, AOL mail is compatible with most browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. 
  • Add-ons and Plugins – Some add-ons and plugins added to our browser can also stop AOL mail from working properly. If you also have such Add-ons or Plugins installed on your browser then you might have to deal with problems while using AOL mail.  
  • Size of the file you are sending – The size of the file you are trying to send through AOL mail should be within limits. In case the size of the file is too big, you will not be able to send the same. 
  • Format of the file you want to send – Those who are looking to send the file through AOL must ensure that the format of the file is supported. It is not possible to send some unsupported file through AOL. 

How to fix AOL Email Attachment Problems?

Broadly, we can classify the AOL Email Attachment Problems into two broad categories. 

  1. Unable to send or Attach Files in AOL Email
  2. Can’t open the received Attachment on AOL Email

The solution to fix the problem depends upon the exact issue you are facing. If you are not able to send the file then you will have to follow the different steps. At the same time, in case you are not able to open the received attached file then the steps you need to follow are different. Let’s discuss solutions to each of these problems. 

Can’t Send or Attach Attachment in AOL Email

  • First and foremost, check and confirm that your Internet connection is fast and smooth. If your Internet connection is not smooth then you should get it fixed as early as possible.  
  • Apart from the internet, you need to make sure that the size of the file you are sending is less than 25 MB. It is so because AOL offers 25 MB of space for adding an attachment to your emails. In case you have a large file to attach then you can split the same into smaller parts. 
  • Make sure that the browser you are using is compatible. We recommend you opt for well-known browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • In case you are using an outdated browser then you should update the same immediately so that you can use AOL email smoothly. 
  • If the problem continues even after trying all the above methods then you may switch to another browser and try again.   

Unable to Open Received Attachment on AOL Email

  • In case you are not able to download the attachments from AOL email then make sure your Internet connection is fine. A weak internet connection can’t download the file properly so that you can open it.
  • If the attachment is an image file then we advise you to first check the preview of the image by hovering your mouse’s cursor over the image. To download, you just need to click on the arrow button.  After downloading the file, you can see them in the “Document” or “My documents” folders of your device. 
  • Sometimes, you need special software to see some particular types of files. For example – you need to have a PDF reader in order to open a PDF File. So, make sure you have the right application to open a file. 
  • Many a time, a simple restart is enough to fix an AOL email account that is not working properly. So, you should restart your PC and open your AOL email once again and see if the problem resolves. 
  • In case you feel that the problem is occurring due to some incorrect settings then you should try AOL email quick restore to fix the problem. The exact steps you need to follow are given below. 
    • Firstly, you should go to the “Start” menu. 
    • Type “System” in the search bar. 
    • Then, you should select “AOL System Information” and then “Quick Restore”.
    • After that, click “Ok” and “Close”. 
  • The AOL email attachment issue should get resolved after Quick Restore. However, if the problem continues for a longer time then it is better to seek help through AOL Customer service and let experts handle the problem. 

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