Method to Fix BellSouth Email Not Working On Iphone


BellSouth Email Not Working On Iphone 2021: BellSouth is known for its internet services, wireless services and most importantly for its email services. Its email service comes with many distinctive attributes such as simple recovery options, large storage, and many more. But still users are seen complaining about not working of BellSouth email every now and then. The BellSouth email not working is very common and is accompanied with related issues such as BellSouth email stopped responding, BellSouth email login not working, etc. It is important that you get all these problems resolved before they start interfering with your work. In this article, the simple solution to fix the BellSouth email not working problem is provided.

Reasons for BellSouth Email Not Working


Many possible reasons are there that can cause the BellSouth email not working issue. Some of the common reasons behind this problem are listed below.

  • Incorrect configuration of BellSouth email
  • BellSouth email setting problem
  • Slow internet connection
  • Outdated or incompatible browser
  • Presence of virus in the device
  • Interference due to third-party software
  • BellSouth email not synced properly
  • Outdated system
  • Incorrect login id and/ or password
  • Shortage of storage space

Solution to BellSouth Email Not Working

Users can solve the BellSouth email not working all by themselves by following the correct troubleshooting measures. Provided below are the measures to help the users in fixing this issue, whenever encountered.

BellSouth Email Not Working

In case you are not able to open your BellSouth email account or the account crashes and closes few seconds after opening, try the following to fix this issue:

  1. Check internet: Make sure that your device is connected to the internet. Also, the internet speed should be fairly good and the connection should not be intermittent.
  2. Change browser: Chances are there that the browser you are using to open BellSouth email is not up-to-date or is incompatible. Update your browser. Clear cookies, caches and history. And if nothing works, switch to another browser.
  3. Update system: All the latest system updates must be installed in your device. If not already, go to Windows update and install the recent updates containing the latest security patches.
  4. Fix virus infection: In case your system is infected by any threat, problem might occur with the working of your BellSouth email account. Run system scan using a good antivirus program and delete the threats detected to fix the BellSouth email not working problem.
  5. Disable third-party program: Any antivirus or firewall program running in background in your system can hamper with the working of BellSouth email. Turn off any such program temporarily to work on BellSouth email.

BellSouth Email Login Not Working

In case you are having login issues with your BellSouth email, below given are the few things that you can try to resolve them.

  • Make sure that you are entering the email address correctly along with the domain name.
  • Do not use any space between your email address and the domain.
  • Check for internet, browser and device related issues as already explained above.
  • The password you are using for BellSouth email login should be correct.

BellSouth Email Sending/ Receiving Not Working

To fix the BellSouth not sending email issue, follow the instructions as given below:

  • Check if you have consumed the daily sending limit of BellSouth email. If so, you need to wait till the limit gets renewed.
  • If you are receiving sending failed related email in your inbox every time you try to send one, this means you have entered the receiver’s address incorrectly.
  • Ask your receiver to check if the problem is not at his/ her end in case the issue is only with a particular email address.
  • Do not send a very large file or image in your email. Try to compress the file before attaching it into your email.
  • In case you have been sending a large number of emails, they might bounce back due to doubt of spamming. Wait few hours and then try resending those emails.

In case of BellSouth email not receiving email problem, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Just like sending, there can be receiving limit too. If you have exceeded this limit, wait till the limit gets renewed.
  • Check if the incoming mails are not directly going to trash or spam. You need to correct the setting of your email account to fix the same.
  • Your email account must be synced to your device or else new incoming emails will not show in your device.
  • Ask the sender to check if he/ she is not facing any issue at their end or are not typing your address incorrectly.
  • Make sure that slow internet is not the reason for non-receiving of the BellSouth emails.
  • Also, there should be enough space in your account to receive the incoming emails.

BellSouth Password Not Working

If you are having issues with the password of your BellSouth email account, make sure for the following:

  1. The password you are entering should be the latest one.
  2. Passwords are case sensitive so make sure that caps lock is turned on or off, as applicable.
  3. Make sure you are not making typing mistake while entering the password.
  4. In case this problem is due to suspended or hacked account, you need to perform BellSouth Password Recovery.

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