Easy Ways to Clean Up Messy or Cluttered Gmail Inbox


Most of Gmail users get these type of issues with their Gmail inbox mails. Have you accumulated unlimited emails in your Gmail inbox and unable to clean your Gmail inbox. Well, it can be something very difficult to manage your email without the proper order of your email messages.

How to Clean Up Messy or Cluttered Gmail Inbox


Although it is very easy to follow these steps, yet there are many people who are not able to understand the ways to fix this issue.

  • Clean your All Read Mail
  • Sign into the Gmail account
  • Click on Gmail search box and type herein: inbox is :read
  • Now click on the button of blue search mail
  • Locate the checkbox button for choosing the messages
  • Click on it. A drop-down box will come with the options “Select: All, None, Read, Unread, Starred, Unstarred
  • Click All to select your emails
  • All the emails on your page will be checked as well as highlighted
  • Click the link which says “Select all conversations that match this search”
  • Click on Archive button
  • Now all your read messages will be saved to archive where they can be located but they won’t clutter your inbox.

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