Easy Steps for Gmail Password Change

Easy Steps for Gmail Password Change

Gmail is very easy to understand and user friendly, offer to the Gmail users have certain basic knowledge of how the Computer and the Internet works. Gmail offers many features such as Gmail automatic filtered mails, vacation responder, labs and spam filters, labels, spam filter, two step verification & an unlimited storage of Mails and Messages, making it easier for the users to categorize as per priority.

How to Change Gmail Password?

Gmail Account Security is a one of the biggest trouble which is to be taken proper care of, as once the account gets hacked by someone or jammed by spams or viruses. Anything can be happened in this case. For example, we have doubt in someone that maybe they hack my account or my gmail account may go from suspicious activities so I think I should change gmail password but can’t able to change it. We want to change the password of my account. Some time we are unable to resolve simple things such as password change. Here, i am sharing easy steps for Gmail password change. You can resolve your query by following these steps.

Ø First, you need to log in to your Gmail account.
Ø Enter your User name and Password then click “Sign in” option.
Ø After login to your account, You can see “Gear” button at right corner of your screen. Click on that option.
Ø Now you need to click on “Setting” option.
Ø After that you have to select “Accounts and Import” option.
Ø You can see “Change Password”. Click on that option
Ø Now you can see 3 boxes of current password, new password & confirm password.
Ø You just need to type your current password and new password in your “Current Password” and “New Password”.
Ø Remember that your password should be strong like mixture of a capital letter, number, symbol & alphabets.
Ø After selecting unique password, Click on “Change Password” option.

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