Facing problem regarding Unwanted Emails in Gmail? Get Instant Solution Here.

Facing problem regarding Unwanted Emails in Gmail? Get Instant Solution Here.

By this unique creation of Google (Gmail) we can easily send and receive the email to anyone. Simply you can access the Gmail in your system or mobile device and start exploring its features. You can send and receive the messages only those people to whom you know but sometime might be possible you getting lots of spam emails or unwanted emails in your Gmail account. Obviously this is an awkward situation for any user because they receive this type of unwanted or spam mails in their contact from other person or companies.

How to Stop Spam Mails in Gmail

One of the best solutions to overcome of the problem of unwanted email in Gmail is block that email or contact on your Gmail account so that in future you didn’t have to face this type of technical glitches any more. But sometime user didn’t find the option which allows them to block the unwanted emails and stop these kinds of annoying messages. But here I share some of the simple tricks which help you to get rid of this kind problem. But before that you have to know one thing very clearly, you can block only those messages or mail which appear in your inbox and by the help of this method you can easily send the unwanted mails in your trash folder.

Best solutions to Block Unwanted Emails on Gmail

Here you can make some changes in your Gmail setting so that you can easily block the unwanted mails. So let’s start by following the simple steps below.

  • First you have to open your login page, enter your username and password.
  • Once you enter in your Gmail page, here you find the option of Setting icon click on that and scroll down the button and select Setting.
  • Now you are enter in Setting page, after that click filter tab and click create new filter
  • The filter page will appear, here you have to create filter for email id which you want to block. So enter the email id of that person and click on create filter with search option.
  • Then on next screen click Mark as read option and Delete it. If next time you receive any kind of unwanted mails then it will mark as read and it will directly transfer to your trash folder.

Finally done! Now onwards you are not going to receive any kind of spam or unwanted mails.


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