Found Error in Gmail App on Android? Get Step by Step Solution Here

Found Error in Gmail App on Android? Get Step by Step Solution Here

In this modern world we are using plethora of technology which decrease the work load. It doesn’t matter which type of technology you are using, it may be your mobile device, your computer system, internet and so on. We know that, what the importance of these technologies is in our daily life. Similarly, today I am talking about one of the best technology in the field of Mailing, which creates a revolution in mailing history.

Now the suspense is over, it’s Gmail. Yes! It is one of the best free web mail service provider which timely updated and upgraded itself and increase its features and services for the user. If there is any Gmail user, then surely you are aware of its incredible features. Some of these are: you can perform chatting, video calling, through this you can set auto responder, easily taking mail back up and all.

However, besides these enormous features there is some errors too which time to time affects the users work. Due to technical glitches it happens such as: login issue, hacking issue, account blocking issue, not able to access the account, troubleshoot issue, backup issue, connectivity issue and several others issues are there. Sometime user gets trouble like as Gmail Android app messages aren’t Syncing then unable to get resolve it.

How you overcome the problem of Gmail App on Android

If you are using your Gmail in system then somewhere it seems quite easy to solve your issue. But if there is any Android user then it becomes tricky. Here I share some of the simple steps which help how you overcome the problem of Gmail App on Android.

  • Most of the Gmail errors occur due to the oldest version of app, so update the new version of App.
  • If you find some connection problem then check out few of the points such as:
  • Date and Time should correct
  • In case if you are using any non Gmail address then check your server setting.
  • Open your Gmail app
  • Now look top left side, here you found menu icon click on it
  • Then click on setting option
  • After that click on account in which you have problem
  • Then in server setting option check your all incoming setting and out going setting
  • To overcome of this problem you can also change your sync setting.
  • Go to Gmail app
  • Then menu and setting
  • Now click the account in which you have a problem
  • After that in Data usage section click sync frequency and choose longer period of time and click ok.

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