Gmail not working on Chrome Browser 2022? Find best tips to solve this problem.

Gmail not working on Chrome Browser 2022? Find best tips to solve this problem.

Gmail not working on Chrome Browser 2022: We are using different types of web browsers for our mailing platforms. But these web mail services like: Gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc supports some of the best supported browsers such as: internet explorer, Google chrome, safari, Mozilla Firefox etc. If any of the users prefer these browsers for their mailing platforms they do not have to face the problem regarding mailing and all.

Not it doesn’t happen in all the cases, sometime might be possible any web browser is not perfectly working so that users are not able to send and receive their mails. Here we are discussing about the Google chrome if it doesn’t not perfectly in Gmail. So, how user will get the best solutions regarding this problem?

Why Gmail is not working on Google Chrome?

Gmail and chrome both are the products of Google. So, it is considered that both of them should work at their peak performances while working together. Up to some extent, it is true because both of them work flawlessly with each other most of the time. However, sometimes, different errors and problems can arise even while using Gmail on Google chrome. Unfortunately, there is no fixed reason that we can out responsible why Gmail is not working on Google Chrome. In fact, various different reasons are responsible for different issues with Gmail. Given below are some common reasons due to which you might have to face difficulties in operating your Gmail account on Google Chrome.   

Here are 6 major things you need to check to resolve Gmail not working issue in Google Chrome:

  1. Internet Connection – We all know Gmail is a web-based email service. So, it requires an internet connection in order to work properly. So, if you are unable to connect to the Internet then you might not be able to open Gmail on Google Chrome and any other browser. To check if you are connected to the internet. You should try to open any other website on your device. 
  2. Cache and Cookies of your chrome browser – Our browser stores cache and cookies so that we can load the websites quickly. However, it is also recommended that we should clear cache and cookies regularly. Otherwise, our browser can slow down as well. So, if are facing problems like Gmail not opening on Google chrome then it is possible that accumulation of cache and cookies might be the reason behind that. 
  3. Extension and add-ons – Most of us add different add-ons and plugins to Google chrome to make it more useful. However, there are some add-ons that can stop Gmail from running smoothly. In case you have also installed such an extension then you might not be able to use Gmail on Chrome smoothly. 
  4. Sizes of the attachment – Many users have to face problems in sending Gmail emails on Chrome. One of the main reasons why users have to deal with such an issue is the size of the email. In case the size of the email is too big then you will have to deal with a problem. 
  5. Using incorrect username and password – No matter which browser you are using Google is very strict as far as the security of its users is concerned. It will never allow you sign-in unless you enter the correct username and password. If you are unable to sign-in to Gmail on Google chrome then you might be entering an incorrect password. 
  6. Gmail server might be down – Although it is highly unlikely yet possible that Gmail server might be down in your area. In such a situation, you can’t do anything but wait for some time.  

How to solve if Gmail account is not working in Google Chrome?

In order to fix such a problem, you need to resolve each factor that can cause such issues one by one. Given below are the steps that you can follow in case your Gmail account isn’t working properly on Google Chrome.  

  • Might be possible this problem is somewhere related to your browser’s cookies and cache. Immediately you have to clear your cookies and cache.
  • Open your chrome browser and click on more icon then click on more tool.
  • Then click on clear browsing data. After that you have to click the check boxes for cookies and other site data and cached images and files.
  • Then choose the amount of data which you have to delete and finally click on clear browsing data.
  • Please check that your system’s date and time is correct or not because sometime due to date and time error your web browser is not working.
  • Might be possible there is some virus or Trojan in your system that’s why this type of problem has occurred. So, properly scanned your all system.
  • Disable your proxy setting.
  • First you have to click on menu icon in browser toolbar and select setting option. After that click on advanced.
  • Then under the system section hit the “open proxy setting” then a new window will appear and click on LAN setting.
  • Under the LAN setting you have to uncheck the “automatically detect setting” and “use a proxy server for your LAN” then click on OK and OK.
  • May be you are using an old version of Google Chrome browser. Upgrade your browser to the latest version and try opening your Gmail account.

How to fix Gmail not sending email on Google Chrome?

To be able to send and receive emails is the main reason why we use an email account. Given below are the steps that you should follow in case you are unable to send a Gmail email on the Google Chrome browser. 

  • The first thing you need to check is your Internet connection. Make sure that you are connected to the internet. To check if your internet connection is working fine, you can open any random website on your device. 
  • Check the size and format of the email you are trying to send. You should not that it is not possible to send a file larger than 25 MB through Gmail. Those who are trying to send a larger file may store the file on their Google drive and share a link through email. 
  • Google may also block in case of sending a large number of spam emails. So, in case your account is also blocked for the same reason then you have to wait for at least 24 hours.
  •  Make sure you are not making any typing mistakes while entering the email address of your recipients. 
  • In case the problem continues for a longer time then you should contact your recipient by another method and ask them to check for the mail in the spam or junk folder. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question – 1: What is the maximum size of an email I can send through Gmail?

Answer: You can send an email up to 25 MB in size through Gmail. 

Question – 2: How to check if I am using the latest version of Google Chrome in order to load Gmail?

Answer: It is very easy to check the same. All you need to do is follow the steps given below. 

  • Click on the menu icon from the top right corner. 
  • Then, click on the help button available at the bottom of the menu.
  • After that, the version of the browser you are using will appear on your screen. At the same time, the option to update will also appear on your screen. 

Question – 3: What if I lost the password of my Gmail account?

Answer: In such a case, you need to reset the same by verifying your phone number or alternate email ID. 

Question – 4: Apart from Google Chrome, on which browsers can I use Gmail?

Answer: Fortunately, it is very easy to use Gmail on different browsers such Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. 


So, the problem was Gmail not working on Google Chrome and we have elaborated the solution in detail above. Here is the summary of this article:

Issue: Gmail is not working on Chrome


  1. Check your internet connection if it is working.
  2. Remove cache and cookies
  3. Check for extension and add-ons and remove the faulty one.
  4. Check size of the document
  5. Enter correct login crendetials
  6. Gmail server might be down

If it doesn’t help then follow few master tips to solve Gmail not working issue quickly:

Trick 1: If you are a Google chrome user then you must have heard of INCOGNITO window. You can try logging in to your Gmail account in an INCOGNITO window.

Google Chrome Incognito Window

Trick 2: Restart your computer after clearing browser cache and cookies.

Trick 3: Use another browser like Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc. to check if the issue is not associated to your Google account.

Trick 4: Reset your Google chrome setting. Follow Open Google Chrome>Three dots in top right corner>Setting>Advanced>Reset and clean up.

Google Chrome Reset




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