How can I get my Missing mails in Gmail?

How can I get my Missing mails in Gmail?

For instance anyone of your friend and relatives sends you a mail, but at the same time you didn’t get any kind of mail. Some of the users think that there is issue related with Gmail, but let me clear you, this issue is not related with your Gmail account. Basically there are several of reasons so that you are not able to receive the mails such as:

  • Might be possible there is problem is related with IMAP & POP.
  • When you apply filter or forwarding option so this could be the reason of missing mail.
  • Sometime by accidently you delete some of the messages so that you didn’t get any mails on that time.

Unable to recover the lost mails in Gmail

This could be the critical situation for any user because their important mails would lose and due to lack of technical skills users are not able to recover the lost mails in Gmail. But recovery of mails is not a big deal; you can recover it by following some simple steps which is mention below.

  • If you are going to search your missing mail, then the first place is your Trash folder. Because Gmail will store some messages in Trash folder but after that, all the mails would delete automatically.
  • Sometime you receive the messages but due to couple of mails you are not able to find it. In that case, search your mails in search box. Type the name of your mail in search box and get.
  • If the Gmail was filtered, so mail would loss. Here you have to check your filters.
  • First open your Gmail account
  • Then click on Setting option which is available top right.
  • Then you have to click Filter and Blocked Address
  • Now look for the filter which include the word “Delete it” or “Skip Inbox”
  • After that click on edit or delete and follow the instruction.
  • Sometimes your email are forwarded to another account, to check this:
  • Move to your Gmail account.
  • Click setting option.
  • After clicking on setting option you will find another option called Forwarding and POP/IMAP just click on it.
  • Now in forwarding section check if you have selected forward a copy of incoming mail.
  • Now save the changes.

Note- if you mark any mails as a spam so it remain as it is for 30 days but after that it would delete automatically. So till then you receive your missing mail.


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