How can I troubleshoot my mail sending and receiving issue in Gmail?

How can I troubleshoot my mail sending and receiving issue in Gmail?

The best thing is that you have one of the best free web mail service provider through which you can perform unlimited activities i.e. Gmail. If we expand the Gmail it is abbreviated as Google mail which says that this Gmail was introduced by Google. Today you are not required to send the mail via post office because now we are blessed with one of the best and latest technology called Gmail. Simply you can access this wonderful feature in your mobile device and computer system and start making connection with others. Sometime users get Gmail sending failed trouble & unable to Send email in Gmail account. Sometime users also Can’t receive email on gmail account & look for solution.

My Gmail Account is not Sending or Receiving Emails

No doubt, if you are a Gmail user then there is no need to use any other mailing platform because in only Gmail you can found plethora of features and services such as:

  • Want a video calling? Go ahead, because Gmail allow you to perform a video calling feature.
  • If sometime you are out of station then you can set auto responder which automatically tells your friends, colleagues you are out of station.
  • Through this you can schedule meetings, appointments in an easy way. And there are long list of Gmail features are there which ensures you safety, trust and user friendly.

Fix Bounced or Rejected Emails in Gmail Account

Now the worst thing is that, its technical issues which time to time affects the user task. We know that Gmail is part of technology and occurring issues is common thing. Through Gmail you can send and receive the mails easily but what can you do if you are not able to send and receive the mail in Gmail? This is not just an end, there is long list of issues are there. But for today I describe why you are not able to send or receive the mail in Gmail.

  • When you are going to start your Gmail account first check in which browser you start because Gmail is well furnished and needs best browser to start like: Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, safari, internet explorer. If you choosing one of these then definitely send and receive the mail in an efficient way.
  • Sometime your browser’s cache and cookies falls you in trouble. In this situation immediately remove your browser’s cookies and cache. For this:
  • Open your computer in chrome, Firefox whatever.
  • Then go to more icon and click more tools
  • Once click on that, you the option of clear browsing history. In this section you have to click on check boxes for cookies and other site data and cached images and file
  • Now choose the amount of data you want to delete and finally click on clear browsing data.
  • If your email service provider founds some unusual activity in your Gmail account then it prevents you to send and receive the mail in Gmail.
  • Many times if you add some corrupt file the surely it happens, so properly check if you add these corrupted files in your email.

Again finds any issues then get in touch with technical experts they are capable to solve your all issues regarding Gmail.


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