How Can You Avoid Your Gmail Email from Landing in Recipient’s Spam Folder?

In order to maintain privacy of users, Gmail teams keep on working on its security features. They introduce various security features time to time so that users can experience advanced security with Gmail. What we analysed various Gmail users are troubling through a common technical issue these days titled email landing in spam folder.

Why are my Emails Going into Recipients’ Spam Folders?

Sometimes, we send some important mail to someone but he/she couldn’t read due to its landing in the Spam folder. We personally avoid reading mails which are landed in the spam folder. Spam feature of Gmail secure users’ account from suspicious activities. If your mail is genuine and you don’t want to land it to the recipient’s spam folder then here are the tips to be followed:

  1. Fulfil CAN-SPAM Act

In case you are sending any commercial advertisement mail then you need to keep following in your mind:

  • You should not use misleading subject title.
  • You should not use deceptive header.
  • Try to intimate your location to the recipient.
  • Detect the mail as an ad.
  • Intimate the recipient how can he/she opt out from getting future emails.
  1. In case you are going to send HTML emails then try to insert text version of the emails.
  2. You must avoid using spam trigger phrases or words.
  3. I suggest you to use a spam checker before you send your emails.
  4. Do not attach file of large size.
  5. You are required to maintain a good text to image ratio.
  6. Properly set the DKIM, SPF, Domain keys and Sender-ID.

We have mentioned above few tips by following which you can easily avoid your Gmail email from landing in recipient’s spam folder. If your mail is really important then you must follow above mentioned steps to restrict future errors.


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