How do I backup the android contacts in Gmail?

How do I backup the android contacts in Gmail?

Updating the phone is great idea but wait for a while because before updating you have to take the backup of your all data otherwise you will lose it and become impossible to recover it. This is actually happens with some of the users they forget to backup their data and as a result they lose their all important information.

How to backup android contacts in Gmail?

But now the good thing is that, Google offers the features of android OS & by this way user can easily linked their android device to their Gmail and take the backup of their all data. Yes! This process will take some of your time to complete it. Here you can check out for data backup in Gmail.

I am not able to take the data backup in Gmail through android?

  • First move to your Gmail account through email address and password. Once you enter in your Gmail account, look top left side where you find the option of Gmail in red color just click on that.
  • Here you will find the option of contacts once you click on that your contacts should appear.
  • Then go to your phone setting but make sure if you do not have shortcut option on your home screen then you can find it on your list of apps.
  • After that scroll down and search for backup and reset option, once you will find just click on that.
  • Then ensure that backup my data tab is checked and if it is not then quickly checked it.

Another way to backup Android contacts to Gmail account

Here your contacts are backed up automatically but apart from that here I share another way to backup your android contacts.

  • First you have to open the contact list on your phone.
  • After that click on the menu button from your contact list.
  • Here you will find the option of import/export tab just click on that tab.
  • Here it brings the list of available export and import options.
  • Now picked the option and applies to the list will be backed up.

For new users these above steps are not sufficient, for those users I suggest you to contact with technical experts for desired solution regarding Gmail.


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