How do I recover my Gmail account without using phone number?

How do I recover my Gmail account without using phone number?

If we are looking back approx 20-25 years ago, when we had no perfect means of communication to send a mail. Only the one option is post office where people going and send their mail. But that mailing platform is not suitable for every person because it take too much time to reach their exact destination, till then recipients didn’t get what the user want to say. But now we are in the world of technology where we prefer only technology to complete our task. And similarly in the field of mailing today we have one of the best and advanced web mail service through which we can easily communicate with anyone without using the previous mailing platform i.e. post office.

How to Recover My Gmail Password Without a Recovery Phone

This advanced Gmail was discovered by Google in the year of 2004 & it is full of latest features and services which make the user task simple and easy. You can take the advantage of this feature by just create an account on this. Simple you can go to home page of Gmail and fill all the necessary details which are mention over there & also mention your phone number or alternate email address in case if you lost the password.

But unfortunately if user forget their password then how they recover the Gmail password without using the phone number? No issue, because here is the solution for this. If by mistake any user forget their password they can simply recover it without using the phone number. Make sure there are three way to recover your account such as: through alternate email address, through phone number and via answer to security question. And unfortunately if you didn’t have the phone number then also you can recover your account.

Easy Steps to recover Gmail Password without phone number

  • First just open the login page and click on cannot access the account.
  • After that choose I forget my password in next window. Then hit the next button and mention your email id in correct form & click next
  • After that it will ask to choose the option, here you have to select the alternate email id and click on next button.
  • Then a notification message will sent. And make sure if the user didn’t have any these option, email id or phone number then click on, I didn’t have any of these.
  • Then you will be re directed to a form where you have to provide little correct information which is related to your account.
  • If the users verification will done then a message will sent to reset the password.

Now you are able to recover the Gmail account.


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