How do I switch old Gmail account to new account?

How do I switch old Gmail account to new account?

However numerous of know how to switch from old Gmail account to new one but there is majority of users who still don’t know how to switch from old Gmail account to new account. Obviously if they new user on Gmail or might be possible they didn’t have technical skills that’s why they are not able to switch from old Gmail account to new one. But this is the platform where you can easily do that.

How to switch from old Gmail account to new account

You are required to follow the steps below so that you can easily switch your old account to new one.

  • For this switching you have to first sign in your old Gmail account through your email address and password. Once you enter in your old Gmail account, go to the setting icon which is located at top right side of your Gmail page. Just click on that setting icon.
  • Now you have to scroll the setting icon and find the setting option. Once you find the option just hit press that setting option. Now you will see a new window will appear where you have to select the forwarding POP/IMAP option. Hit it.
  • After that you have to choose the enable POP for all mail option and then go with archives Gmail copy.
  • Here you have to select the delete Gmail’s copy and press the save changes option.
  • After that go to top right side of the Gmail page where you find the option of log out, click on that button.
  • Now sign in new Gmail account and select the setting icon then choose setting. After that go to the account and import tab.
  • Here you have to click on add a mail account and enter your Gmail id from which you are willing to import under the email id.
  • Then click on next and ensure that you have selected the option POP3 and hit the nest button. Now ensure that whatever the username you entered is in correct form. & also type the password.
  • Then select and select 995 under the head port. But ensure that the option leave a copy of retrieved messages on server is not selected.
  • Always use SSL connection and click on add account option. Then you have to choose yes I want to be able to send mail as & hit the next button.
  • Now enter your name and click on next step, and here you have to leave the option treat as an alias as checked. Then click on next option. Then select the send verification and close the window.
  • After that simply you can sign out and sign into Gmail account which you want to import and go to setting then click on account and import option.
  • Here you have to click on verify button and paste the verification code here and click on verify.

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