How do I sync the Blackberry contact with Gmail?

How do I sync the Blackberry contact with Gmail?

If you are blackberry user and want to sync your all contact in Gmail then make sure you can do this process in few steps because Gmail offers us too many inbuilt features and services so that we can easily manage our whole task. Before s couple of years it seems difficult to sync the blackberry contacts with Gmail but now it’s just a spoon feeding process.

How to sync the Blackberry contacts with Gmail

Here I mention some tips so that you will know how to sync the Blackberry contacts with Gmail.

  • Fir this sync process you have to choose the setup from the home screen of blackberry.
  • Then select email setup and click on add option.
  • Here you have to choose the Gmail from the list and hit the next button.
  • Then scroll down and search for “sync option”. Once it appears just click on it.
  • After that click on contact check box.
  • Make sure you can also choose calendar if you want to sync the calendar with your Google calendar.
  • Then click on NEXT button. Now verify your Google credential and hit the OK button.


  • If any of the user who sync their contact with Gmail first time, make sure this process takes some time to complete. So, have patience and wait for few minutes.
  • Only 10,000 contacts can be sync between Gmail account and blackberry.

In some of the case user face little bit technical problem regarding blackberry like connection problem, signal problem and so on. Whatever the issue you have you can solve it right here and right now by following the post below.

  • First check you have a connection to mobile network or not. So, verify your mobile network connection status on your blackberry smart phone.
  • Make sure you have perfect signal strength for sending and receiving the message. The signal strength is greater than -95dbm and if you have less than this, it means you are in poor coverage area and you are not able to send and receive the messages.
  • If there is internet connectivity problem then immediately contact to network administrator or internet service provider for immediate help and support.

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