How do I turn off Chat in Gmail?

How do I turn off Chat in Gmail?

Now a day’s Google furnish with many communicative features which allows you to quickly send the messages to your friends, relatives etc. The Google chat is also called G-Talk which provides both text and voice services. Through this feature anyone can easily exchange their views and ideas over the network by using G-Talk. For its incredible features and services you have to require Gmail account & once you create your Gmail account then you are able to communicate with anyone, no matter how far that person is.

But before establishing the chat process you need to require some technical aspects. If these technical aspects will not meet to your chat requirement then chatting is not possible. Below I mention some of the Operating system and Browser which is very well suited for G-Talk.

  • Windows
  • Chrome
  • Fedora
  • Mac OS X
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome and so on.

After doing this process, here question arise how to person chat with someone on Gmail? Don’t worry it’s not a big deal you have to follow the simple steps below which gives you immense pleasure to contact with anyone.

  • First, select the name of person to whom you want to contact.
  • Then click on the name of person, and then you will see the chat window will appear.
  • After that type anything which you want to type and click enter button.
  • On another side if the person will receive your messages then this chat process is seems to complete.

But what happen if your chat will not turn off and still remain turn on? Obviously anyone of your friend, colleagues, and someone else will act as an intruder and sends illogical messages to anyone.

Not able to turn of the Chat in Gmail

At that time you have to be very careful while you turn off your Chat. But might be possible some of the users are not able to turn of the Chat in Gmail. For this purpose I am here to share some of the simple steps which makes enables you to turn off the Gmail chat.

  • The first thing you have to do, click on gear icon and select setting under it.
  • Then click on chat tab.
  • Here you find the option Chat off just click it.
  • Once you click on this it will ask for save changes and turningoff.

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