How to Add or remove inbox categories in Gmail

How to Add or remove inbox categories in Gmail

Gmail has created multiple ways intended to make user’s online life a bit easier with many Gmail features such as adding category and tab for iPhone or iPad. These simple features help you manage your Gmail mails in many ways such as it makes very easy to search any email in gmail inbox where locate specific emails. Here’s, we are going to share with you that how to sort your emails in proper way. Gmail emails in your inbox are sorted into categories, like Primary, Promotions, Social, Updates, and Forums for iPhone or iPad. Categories feature help you sort your emails for iPhone or iPad so you don’t see all of them at one time. When you open your inbox in gmail account, you can see Primary tab first.

How do I create a new Category in Gmail?

Turn on inbox categories: You need to open Gmail account in your computer because you can’t change your inbox categories from the Gmail app in iPhone or iPad.

  • Click at “Settings” options in the top right.
  • Clickat Configure inbox.
  • Check the boxes of the categories you want to use. If you hide a tab, those emails will show in your Primary tab in account.
  • Optional: Choose whether you want starred emails to show in your Primary tab.
  • Clickat “Save.
  • Whatever changes you do to your categories from computer will show in your iphone gmail app.

Move email messages to a new category:

  • First you need to open the Gmail app.
  • Then, open that message which you want to move.
  • Tap more in the top right then move.
  • Tap a new category.

Make email messages show up in Primary category: Any email messages you mark with a star and will show up in your Primary category, along with any category they were in before.

  • First, open the Gmail app.
  • From your inbox, or inside the message, click Star.

I can’t turn on inbox categories: If you want to turn on inbox category then, you need to check the number of messages in your inbox. Number of emails should not be more than 250,000 emails in your inbox. To get below this limit, you will have to archive or delete messages.

Above given steps will be resolved gmail category and tab adding issues. Gmail users can add or remove inbox categories in Gmail very easily. Any more help, You can contact Online Support Help Desk for Gmail Customer Service Helpline.


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