How to create Labels in Gmail for better email inbox management?

How to create Labels in Gmail for better email inbox management?

Gmail is one of the most used applications and it has many features that benefit the users in managing their work. Like filter option is there to segregate emails of a different category, a label is an option that helps users in creating different types of filters. Calendar option present within Inbox eases users in fixing appointments. To manage contacts of phone Gmail also gives the option. Beside this, there are many other setting options available in Gmail that help users in timely completion of work. Unlike a folder-based system in which each emails can only be located in one folder, you can also create more than one label, and thus more than one reference, to each e-mail message.

Do you know about this feature of Gmail? Here we are showing the step by step process of adding a label to a Gmail mail. But before that let’s give a small introduction about the Gmail labels: Gmail has introduced this feature first on 2010 that when they launched the standard Gmail version. The primary reason of the launching of the Gmail label is for distinguishing one mail from the other. Here we are showing you how to apply mail filter for the different mails, in case you are looking for any live support contact the Gmail Customer Service Help Desk.

How To Create a Label?

•    Sign in to the Gmail account.
•    Now, on the left bottom side of your Gmail account, you can see an icon named ‘More’ Click on that link ( In case you didn’t saw the link, please then click on the drop-down icon that shown below).
•    Now on the new popup tab, where you can find an option for creating a new label. Enter your label name over there, and leave the option ‘Nest Label Under’ if you don’t want to create the label under any existed label.
•    After that click the option creates new.

That’s the procedure of creating the label in Gmail, now for seeing that label click ‘more’ link again, you can find out the newly created folder over there. The second process is applying the label, means you assigned a particular email address to receive the email. Actually, the label means a blank copy that means when you receive a new email you will get a notification in the email primary inbox as well as Gmail label folder. So, if you didn’t try this feature yet, do It now!


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