How to Fix Gmail Address not Found Error Easily?

How to Fix Gmail Address not Found Error Easily?

Gmail is the first service that comes to our mind whenever we hear the word email. It is the most famous and reputed email service on the planet. Millions of users around the world use Gmail to send and receive email messages. Unfortunately, there are some common Gmail problems that keep on troubling users every now and then. One such problem is the “Gmail Address not Found” Error. This error appears when you try to send a message to a Gmail email address. 

Such kind of errors can occur in all types of platforms like Windows, Android, or iOS. In case of this error, users receive an automatic reply regarding the “Gmail Address not found” problem. Go through this post if you don’t know how to fix Gmail Address not found error easily. Here, we will provide you with the simplest solutions to get rid of this issue.

What are the reasons behind “Gmail Address Not Found” Error?

There are many possible factors that can lead to such a problem. It is important for you to identify these factors and look for an appropriate solution. Let’s discuss each and every reason often responsible for this type of issue. 

  • Mistake While Entering the email address – This is the most common reason due to which such kind of problem exists. It is possible that you might have made a mistake at the time of entering the email address of your receipt. 

The occurrence of this error is a clear indication that Gmail can’t find the email address to deliver your message. Please note that many email addresses include confusing symbols like underscore, hyphen, etc. Due to these symbols mistakes while entering the email address can occur quite easily. 

  • The email address has been deleted – There is also a possibility that the Gmail address to which you are looking to send an email might no longer exist. The user might have deleted the email ID. Sometimes, many users switch to other email services after deleting their previous email IDs. In such a case, you can’t do anything. You will have to contact your receipt through any other means and know the updated email address. 
  • Server Issues – It is rare but still possible that Gmail address not found error can be occurring due to an issue with the Gmail service. To know about the current server issues you can visit the Google Dashboard page. If there is a problem then be sure that Google might be already working on the same in order to fix it. You may try to send the email again after some time to know if this resolves the problem.

  Browser Compatibility – You should note that Gmail works best on the latest version of the browser. Those who are using an incompatible browser might have to deal with various problems including address not found issue.

  How to fix the “Gmail address not found” error with ease?

Given below are the basic solutions that you can try in order to fix this problem in a simple manner. 

Check the email address of your Recipient

  • First of all, you need to make sure that you are not making any typing mistakes while entering the email address. 
  • Looking for the missing character or number in the recipient’s email address. 
  • In case the issue continues then you should contact the recipient and confirm the email address once again. 
  • After confirming the email address, you should copy and paste the same so that the scope of error eliminates. 

Confirm that the email address of the recipient is active

  • You can’t send an email to an address that is already deleted. So, you should confirm that the email address of your recipient is active. 
  • To confirm that you can either contact the recipient directly or follow the steps mentioned below. 
    • First of all, you should go to a web browser and open incognito mode or guest mode. In Chrome, you can open the same by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N buttons together. 
    • After that, you should go to the Gmail login page. 
    • Copy and paste the email address of your recipient and click “Continue”.
    • If you receive a message similar to “This account was recently deleted and can be restored,” then it is an indication that the email address of your recipient is no longer active. 

Ensure that Gmail servers are not down in your area

  • You should also make sure that the Gmail servers are not down in your area. 
  • To check the Gmail service you need to visit the Google services dashboard.
  • Don’t worry even if the servers are down, Google might already be working on the same this temporary problem will get resolved in while. 
  • Just wait for some time and resend the Gmail message once again. 
  • You may schedule the email message to send it later. Check the following steps if you don’t know how to Schedule an email on Gmail. 
    • Firstly, you need to visit the Gmail login window. 
    • Sign in to your Gmail account. 
    • Click on the Compose button and create your email message. 
    • Now, instead of clicking on the “Send” button, you should click on the small drop-down menu appearing next to the send button. 
    • Then, click on the “Schedule Send” option. 
    • Click on “Select date and time”. 
    • Specify the date and time on which you want to send the email message. 
    • Finally, click on the schedule option appearing in the left pane to display the scheduled email message.

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