How to Import Emails in Gmail Account?

How to Import Emails in Gmail Account?

Signing into many Gmail accounts is always a big task.  As every Gmail account of yours might be associated with important activities and you need to check all accounts for new incoming emails on a daily basis.  It is quite time-consuming to sign in and sign out for each account and probably will need a simple and easy solution to save time. I have found a super best solution for this trouble which allows you to automatically forward all your incoming emails from multiple Gmail accounts to your primary account. It is basically merging all Gmail accounts into one of primary Gmail account.

How to Import Emails in Gmail Account

If you are experiencing problems when importing email into your Gmail account, follow the instructions below. Please select your trouble:

I’m having “setting up the import” trouble: Are you receiving an error message? Gmail user has to select one of below-given option (yes or no).

My import seems to be stuck and didn’t progress for more than a week: Under normal circumstances, your import should be complete within 24-48 hours. However, one possible source of error could be that Mail Fetcher was set up prior to starting the import. You have to check if Mail Fetcher was set up. For this, you need to sign into Gmail. After signing, click at gear button in the top right. Then, select Settings and open the “Accounts and import” tab. Check email address is listed or not in the “Check email from other accounts” section. If there is an email address listed in this section, Mail Fetcher was set up in your account.

My messages have been imported but they appear to be garbled: Please report this issue or you can contact Gmail helpdesk support team.

I am missing a number of email messages after the import from my old account: Gmail groups all replies with their original email message, creating a single conversation or thread. The first place to check for missing emails is within conversations. To see all the emails messages in a conversation, open a message and click the Expand all icon. Are messages threaded in conversations in Gmail?

  • No, conversation message is not the reason why email messages can’t be found.
  • Yes, I realized that email messages that were separate in the previous account are now grouped in a conversation.

Messages from my old account have been deleted: First sign into Gmail then, click the gear on the top right side. After it, select Settings. Now, open the “Accounts and Import tab” and find the “Import mail and contacts” section. You have to decide according to your import is listed under the “Import mail and contacts”.


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