How to Log out from the Gmail app on my Android phone?

How to Log out from the Gmail app on my Android phone?

Well today we are using different kinds of mobile device which keeps us connected and up to date with numerous of information. And apart from this, we can constantly receive the information and clear Gmail notification. Hopefully Gmail can be used in different android phone or tablet but after some days you will realise that there is no any kind of option for log out and sign out. What a critical situation is that!

Not able to sign out from Gmail App

But don’t worry; here I will explain some of the steps below so that you can easily solve the problem “Not able to sign out from Gmail App”

  1. First of click on the “Setting” option in your android phone or tablet. After that just scroll down the list in the setting menu, here you will find the option of “Account” click on it.
  2. After clicking the Account, you have to view the entire device which is currently active. Now go with Google which is lies in the list, tap on it.
  3. Once you click the Google, here you find lots of option like: sign in security, personal info and many others. But you have to go with “Account Preference” option which is usually lies at the end of the list.
  4. In Account preference you will see various types of option where you can also see “Remove your Account or service” click on this option to remove your Gmail account from this device.

Kindly wait for a moment because it takes sometimes and that’s it. If you are using your Gmail account in other web browser or android app, then it is also possible to log out from this. Have you open your Gmail account in web browser? If yes! Then you will see three horizontal lines on the top of the left corner of window. It’s just a “Setting” option, click on it to view its menu.

  1. In this setting menu tap your email id that can be seen on the top of window.
  2. Here you will find the option of “Sign out” click on this option to proceed.
  3. Assure that, once you click the log out, a window will appears which shows you successfully signed out.
  4. This is the way you can easily sign out from your Gmail ID on Android phone or tablet.

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