How to Recover Archived or mute Mails in Gmail account?

How to Recover Archived or mute Mails in Gmail account?

Gmail provides archive or mute mails facility. You can mute or archive some mails. After archive or mute emails, it will not notify you anymore and also not show these messages and mails in inbox. If anyone wants to send mails from same address, it will ignore or reject these mails. You can also undo archive mails, if you want. Here we are helping you to archive mails, search mails and also recover archive mails.

Process to archive mails in Gmail account

If you want to archive emails in your Gmail account, you can follow below points.

  • Login in your Gmail account using email address and password.
  • Click on inbox to show all mails. Select the mails by checking right mark available left most of the page. Click on the Archive button available top menu bar of Gmail home page.
  • You can also right-click on mail and select Archive tab from the list of functions.
  • You can also use keyboard shortcut key “e”.
  • After archiving, mails will not appear in inbox field.

How to recover emails in inbox?

You can also recover or back messages or mail in your inbox by following these points.

  • Open Gmail
  • Click on email
  • Click on Move to Inbox.
  • After that message will undo in your inbox section.

How to search archive emails?

User can also search archive emails, he can enter some details related to mail in search bar available top of Gmail account.

  • Open your Gmail.
  • Type some details such as mail sender’s address, text information of mail, subject, body information etc.
  • It will match search bar information to account mails and shows the related emails.
  • You can select and undo it.



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