How to setup another Account to Your Gmail

How to setup another Account to Your Gmail

Adding another account to your Gmail is extremely beneficial and easy to do. It can save your plenty of time lots of time and also keep away you a lot of annoyance when switching between accounts.

Process for Adding another account to Gmail

Adding an account to Gmail is quite easy. Below in this post I’m going to illustrate step by step process for how to add another account to Gmail.

  1. At first login to your Gmail account. To do this, just open a browser on your system, and enter to land at the Gmail website. Enter your email address for your for-play e-mail or for-work email address and particular password to login into your account.
  2. Click on the gear icon which appears at the upper-right of the browser window. (Once you opened your Gmail Inbox, look towards the upper right side of the screen for the settings tool, and click on it. When you see the drop-down menu, click “Settings” from the list of options to continue)
  3. Just type your password as prompted and hit on “Sign In” button to continue.
  4. After re-signing, you will no longer be on the earlier Settings page. Over this new page look for the “Accounts and Import” option and click on it.
  5. Undergo the settings.
  6. The new window that turns up as a result of the previous step will ask you to enter the Gmail address that you want to add to this particular account of yours. Just click on “Add a new account” box and enter the e-mail address to your other account. After doing this, click on the “Next Step” button.
  7. After clicking on “Next Step,” you will be asked the question “Are you sure?” This is just to ensure that the info you provided is correct or not. So, before preceding further you must cross check the e-mail address entered by you.
  8. After setting up your for-work account to your for-play account (or vice versa), all you need to do is to just confirm the added account by login into your other Gmail account (the one that recently added). If done, an email will send into your inbox containing a link to confirm your new addition. Simply confirm the addition by clicking on that link.

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