Learn Easy Ways to Delete Gmail Account

Learn Easy Ways to Delete Gmail Account

Time and tide has showed the importance of Gmail email account. With ease in communication, sharing of data and many other benefits have scattered on people. Therefore, millions of people have registered their account on Gmail. However, sometimes the technical errors can create confusion. Due to some varied reasons people want to delete their Gmail account.

Deleting of Gmail account can be a difficult task for many users. Sometimes, deleting accounts can become a bit confusing and frustrating for users who don’t hold much technical knowledge. People who face challenge with deleting Gmail account can follow below step-by-step details to make the task simpler. With the help of this guide for step-by-step information on how to permanently delete your Gmail account you can save your lots of time and efforts.

Steps to delete your Gmail Email Address

  1. Log into your Gmail account.
  2. Search for your email address in the top right-hand corner. You need to click the small downward-pointing arrow to stop your basic account information and click on Account.
  3. Now, Click on data tools button at the top.
  4. Select Delete products appears on the Data tools box.
  5. Here you need to choose “Remove Gmail permanently”.
  6. Confirm that you really want to delete your email by making the tick on check box. This action will delete your Gmail data and take out access to your email account. After that enter a new primary email address to log into Google with (a different, external email address), and type your password. Click “Remove Gmail”.
  7. Review your confirmation once. It enables you know that you have to check your email at the optional email address to confirm the action.
  8. Check the email. Soon, you will get an email from Gmail with the subject of Gmail Removal Confirmation. Here, you need to click on the link in it.
  9. Provide your password another time. Click on “Verify” to finalize the removal action.
  10. At last it’s done. The process may take a few days for all of the removal to run through.

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