Malwarebytes not Working & Not Responding, Stopped working

Malwarebytes not Working & Not Responding, Stopped working

Malwarebytes is a highly efficient anti-malware software program that not only protects your device against malware but also from ransomware, malicious websites, and other advanced online threats. It can be very easily installed on different platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, etc. However, there are certain times when you may notice that the Malwarebytes is not working in your device in the way that it should, leaving your system prone to threats. To help users fix this problem whenever encountered, some easy step solutions are provided in this article.

Possible Reasons for Malwarebytes not working

There can be different reasons why Malwarebytes is not working properly on your device. Some of the prominent reasons behind this are provided below.

  1. The version of Malwarebytes you are using in your device is not updated.
  2. There were certain problems while installing Malwarebytes and it was not installed properly.
  3. Any other antivirus program is interfering with the working of Malwarebytes.
  4. Some program running in the background of your system is conflicting with Malwarebytes.
  5. Certain problems with your device also creates problem with working of Malwarebytes.
  6. Corrupt or missing Malwarebytes files can also create trouble with its working.
  7. There is any virus infection in your system not allowing Malwarebytes to work.

Common Solution for Malwarebytes not working

Malwarebytes removes the harmful malware from your device and keep it safe from threats. It is therefore necessary that the working of this software is not affected by any reason. And if it is, there are some ways in which you can fix the problems causing the Malwarebytes not working issue. Check out some common solution for Malwarebytes not working provided below.

Download the latest version of Malwarebytes in your device

The steps to install the latest updates in your Malwarebytes software are provided here:

  • Open Malwarebytes and go to settings > application.
  • Under the ‘application updates’, click on ‘install application updates’.
  • Click on ‘ok’ and then ‘yes’.
  • In the User Account Control window that appears, select ‘yes’.
  • Select your setup language from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on ‘ok’ and then on ‘agree and install’ check box.
  • Installation process will begin after that. Once the installation completes tap on the ‘finish’ button.

Make sure there is no third-party interference

Any antivirus scan running in your system or any other program especially a firewall or antivirus program running in the background of your system often creates issues with Malwarebytes. If this happens, you need to temporarily disable such programs while working with the Malwarebytes software. Once you are done, you must resume those programs without fail.

Use Malwarebytes support tool

Using the Malwarebytes support tool can easily fix the working issue with this software. Follow the instructions given below to successfully use this tool to fix the Malwarebytes not working problem.

  • Visit the official Malwarebytes website and download and install this tool.
  • Upon successful installation, open the tool and click on the ‘repair’ option.
  • Now, tap the ‘start repair’ button to start the automatic repairing of Malwarebytes.
  • Software programs and files present in the system will be scanned for potential threats.
  • After the scans complete, you need to reboot your system.
  • The tool will again start automatically after the reboot finishes.
  • Any required update will be installed and necessary changes will be made to Malwarebytes.
  • After all is done, restart Malwarebytes to finish the process.

Reinstall Malwarebytes in your device

If no other solution works and you are still facing the Malwarebytes not working problem, you might want to reinstall this software. For this, first remove the Malwarebytes from control panel, check for any leftover files and remove them manually. After that you can install a fresh version of this software.


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