Method to Protect Your Gmail Account from Hacking Activity

Method to Protect Your Gmail Account from Hacking Activity

Your Gmail account not only gives you access to your email account but also various other features offered by Google including YouTube, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Map etc. What, if hackers get access to your Gmail account. The result is never going to be good for you.

How To Secure Gmail Account From Hackers?

They can misuse your personal information stored in your email or Google drive. So, keeping your account secure from hacking activities should be your utmost concern. Through this post, I have shared few techniques by using which you can restrict unauthorized access to your account.

Activate Two-Step Verification

Yes, activating two-step verification feature in your Gmail account gives you an added level of protection to your account. After activating this feature each time when you log in you’ll be asked to enter a confirmation code you will get on your registered mobile number. Whenever a hacker will try to access your account he/she won’t be able to access your account without entering the confirmation code. In this way, you can secure your account.

Keep Backup

If you are concerned about losing your data due to hacking activities then I advise you create a backup of all your important data regularly. In this way, your important data will be secured.

Keep Notification On

Enabling notification will keep on giving you updates related to any unwanted access held with your account. You’ll get a quick notification either on your registered phone number or email. For example, someone has tried to access your account then a related notification will be sent to you either via SMS or email at the same time.

Along with that, I advise users to create a strong password for their account and keep changing the same. A weak password can be easily guessable and hackers become even more comfortable while accessing your account. Try to include numbers, characters, and special characters while creating a password. Besides, you should keep changing your password time to time.


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