Not able to Delete the Google profile picture? Solve here

Not able to Delete the Google profile picture? Solve here

Today Google+ plays a vital role in the field of digital marketing. This is not merely for social networking but instead of this user can perform many activities with Google. This Google+ was discovered in the year of 2011 by Google. If any of the user seeking for more emailing, article writing, browsing, business page and many more activities then Google+ is perfect place for all these activities. The Google+ is second largest social network in which 540 millions of users are connected with Google+.

Some of its features are:

  • Through this user can easily make their profile picture in an innovative way with profile photo, background photo, cover photo and so on.
  • The Google+ make easy to share the content and manage the content across all Google services so that you can easily manage your all work.
  • Through this you can easily promote your business page and let the world know about your digital marketing which is an important SEO ranking signal.
  • The Google+ also offer one more interesting feature called, Hangout. You can perform chatting and video calling through Hangout.
  • The Google+ enables you to create communities so that you can create a group or participate in a group which makes possible to share the particular interest.

How can user delete Google+ profile picture

No doubt the Google+ is just a boon for us in this era. Whenever you create your profile picture in Google+, it helps you to connect with more and more people that are good for your business. Because through your profile picture, people come to know about your business and want to make a connection with you. But mostly we have seen that, once the user has made their profile picture, how can user delete Google+ profile picture. If you experience the same problem, so get ready to solve it by following the steps below.

  • First you have to open your Google+ and click on profile tab.
  • Once you enter in your profile tab, here you have to click on photos.
  • After that click on profile photos and also click on photo (s) which you don’t want
  • Now you will see, the album version of photo will appear.
  • Now click on option tab which is located at bottom of the screen and finally click delete photos.

By doing above these steps you simply delete your Google+ profile picture.


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