Receive mail with Attachment but not able to get that Attachment? Solve here

Receive mail with Attachment but not able to get that Attachment? Solve here

We know that Gmail is only free web mail service provider which makes the communication possible in an effective way. Due to its large storage capacity you can send the mail and receive the mail with large attachment. But might be possible sometime if you send the mail to your friend, relatives, colleagues etc with attachment, but on the same time that person didn’t get that attachment.

Unable to receive the mail with attachment

Make sure there are several of possible reasons which ensure you are not able to receive the mail with attachment. Here I cover all the possible reasons for mails with attachment not received.

  • Sometime due to less storage capacity you didn’t receive any kind of attachment. If some of your friend sends you email with attachment but the email service provider founds that not enough space then email service provider automatically reject that attachment. In this case, you have two options either using another mail service or delete some mails or space of your mail. Then you get again space and able to receive the email attachment.
  • If your attachment is too big then surely you have to face this problem. If you send and receive any attachment larger than 20 MB then I recommend you to go with online service to store the file.
  • Sometime your email extension not allowed you to send or receive the attachment because of virus and malware issues.
  • Make sure the antivirus you installed in your computer is working fine and doesn’t cause any kind of problem while you receive any attachment.
  • In most of the cases, some email service provider not allows the email with attachment because of security purpose. But if you want to send the attachment then you have to verify first with your email service provider.
  • If your attachment is not properly added or sent correctly then you have to face this email attachment problem.
  • Sometime the problem is related to your email client and web service. If you using your email client in your personal computer then restart your computer and hopefully it works.

If again you find these types of threats then try to solve your issues through technical support.


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