How do I stop the account verification steps in Google or Gmail account?

How do I stop the account verification steps in Google or Gmail account?

Google account provides advance version of account security to protect data or information and it is known as two-step verification. It is a two layered security in which you have to enter login password along with verification code which will come on your registered mobile number to login in your account. Even if, someone finds or guesses your account password, it can’t login without your permission. It is good security feature but quite painful for the users who have lost their email or phone because it will receive a verification code or key on it.

 How to turn off two-step-verification in Google account

If you want to use two-step-verification in your Google account, there is a need of your email, phone or authentication app to login account because, email or phone will receive a security info or code which will help you to login in your account. For general users, there is no need to two-step-verification. If you are using in your account, you can turn-off it by using below steps.

  • Visit on the Google account login page and login by essential credentials.
  • Click on My account app available in Google apps section.
  • Visit in Sign-in &Security
  • Click on two-step-verification
  • For turn-off, it will ask for login.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Select app password for login account.
  • Close all tabs applying settings change.

Customer help support

You can use app password for login account instead of two-step-verification security. There is no need of 2-times verification by email address or phone number. For more information, users can also contact with Gmail customer support. They provide valuable information related to two-step-verification problems.


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