What are the steps required when Google Hangout is not working?

What are the steps required when Google Hangout is not working?

What is Google Hangout

Gmail, which facilitates unbelievable features in an innovative way, so that we can comfortably manage personal and professional task. Here I am introducing one unimaginative feature of Gmail called Hangout.

Well! Hangout is developed by Google & built into Google+ and Gmail. You can use this Hangout app in iOS and android devices. The Hangout is combined communication service which welcomes the users for participating in text, voice or video chat either single or in a group. Through this you can easily broadcast any video on you tube because it facilitate one unique feature called Google Hangout on air. It also allows the user to make free domestic calls from their computer system. And many more things you can do with Google Hangout if it works on right condition.

Google Hangouts Stuck and Unable to Sign in

But obviously it is a part of technology and due to this reason probably users have to face some technical glitches regarding Hangout. Might be possible due to internal problem your Google video calls (Hangout) is not properly working. If you are irritating and feeling embarrassing because you are not able to solve the Hangout issue, so just do one thing, follow the post below so that you are able to solve how to fetch the solution regarding Google Hangout.

  • First of all check your all connections
  • If your device is not properly connected or turned on then definitely this problem fall you in trouble.
  • Some system or microphone have mute button, may be this button mute and due to this reason you are not able to communicate. So keep your device sound turned on.
  • If problem is not solved then you can check your video call setting.
  • In this window, move to control icon and click gear icon.
  • Now here you have to choose the option for camera, microphone and headset.
  • If any of the user who using USB headset with microphone, so you have to choose “USB headset” for microphone and speaker.
  • But make sure if there is only option of “Default Device” immediately close your hangout and browser, check it whether the device is properly connected or not. After that start your browser & Hangout again.
  • Also check your Audio setting
  • Right click on the speaker option in your system. Here you will get some option but you have to select “sound”.
  • Once you click the sound option, there is an option of Playback. As per your convenience choose the appropriate device.
  • Then click Set default and click ok. Then reenter your video call.

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