What can I do if I am not able to open the Gmail in Safari?

What can I do if I am not able to open the Gmail in Safari?

If you are a regular user of Gmail then surely you will know in which browser Gmail is perfectly open. Folks if you want efficient mailing then you have to choose only best and supported web browser for your Gmail account. Here I am sharing some of the best browser which makes your emailing efficient and effective. These are: Google chrome, internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, safari etc.

Gmail Won’t Open in Safari

Today we discuss, if you are safari browser user and not able to open your Gmail account in safari then how will you solve this particular problem. First I will tell you how you can use Gmail in safari then next we will discuss what problem you have to face regarding safari browser and its exact solution.

  • First go to safari menu and select the safari extension. After that you have to scroll down to the search box and type in mail to.
  • Then mail to extension will appear and click on install now.
  • Here you will see the option of different email providers but you have to go with Gmail.
  • Now quit safari and reopen your safari browser.

By this way you can use your Gmail in safari browser. But as discussed above, sometime users have to face the problem regarding safari web browser. Here you will find the solution regarding that problem.

  • Sometime due safari’s cookies and cache issue you have to face this problem and you are not able to send and receive the messages in Gmail. So immediately clear your safari’s cookies and cache. For this:
  • Click on the setting icon which is located at top right side of the page. After that scroll down and find the option of “reset safari” once you will get, just click on that reset safari option.
  • Then a window will appear where you have to check empty the cache and remove all cookies.
  • Then click on reset option which is located at bottom of the page.
  • Sometime due to Gmail labs problem you are not able to work with safari browser. So immediately disable the Gmail labs.
  • Open your Gmail through your email address and password. In your Gmail page, go to setting icon then click on setting option.
  • Under the setting section you have to click on labs tab. Here you will find the option of disable, just hit that option.
  • Then click on save changes.

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