What I do if my Gmail get down?

What I do if my Gmail get down?

Well! For instant communication we are using the fastest web mail service called Gmail. Today Gmail service is not limit up to Chatting but apart from that you can perform many activities such as; video calling, taking mail backup, large storage capacity and many more. These kinds of features and services make Gmail safer, secure and user friendly.

But unfortunately some technical glitches are around over self which makes impossible to manage with Gmail. Mostly I heard user have to face inconvenience when their Gmail get down, they didn’t know why Gmail get down? If you are roaming in this critical situation so let me clear all these issues what are the reasons behind Gmail down.

What are the reasons behind Gmail down

First of all keep one thing in your mind, Gmail is not down, it is working fine. But if have any kind of problem regarding Gmail it means either the problem is related to Email or server side issue. Here the first priority is to check with your server side status. Kindly follow the post below to know the situation of your problem.

  • Make sure, the browser you are using is working fine with Gmail. Here I will mention some of the steps to know in which condition Gmail is working fine.
  • If you want to explore the best feature of Gmail then update & upgrade the latest version of Google Chrome.
  • Internet explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari

If you are using any of these browsers then its Cookies and Java script should turn on.

  • Now you have checked your browsers extensions or applications. If you installed extensions or add-ons on your computer then they prevent Gmail from working.

So, turned off these extensions one by one which enables you to working with Gmail.

  • Sometimes due to the load of cookies and cache become difficult to work with Gmail. In this case, clear your all cookies and cache to make Gmail faster.
  • Another option is, check your Gmail labs. For this;
  • Open your Gmail.
  • Now look in the right top side there is option of setting, click on it.
  • Then click on Lab, now disabled it.
  • And last save changes.
  • You can also verify or check the security and validity of your email address. Through this you can easily track the spammer and fraudulent use of your email address.
  • You can diagnose the problem or adjust the firewall setting to overcome of your problem.

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